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Judicial Service Commission Announces 563 job opportunities | How to apply

The Judiciary advertises employment opportunities ranging from drivers to court clerks and even engineers in an advertisement published on Friday, October 8, 2021.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) declared that all applications should be received by the end of the day on October 29, 2021.
The listed roles are full-time, permanent, and pensionable.

The Senior Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Officer is one of the posts that the Judiciary is looking to fill. There is just one position available for this position.

This will be a three-year contract that can be renewed if the performance is satisfactory. The person who is hired for this position will be paid a monthly gross pay of Ksh169,800 – Ksh227,600.
JSC also posted two Senior Law Clerk positions on a three-year contract with the possibility of renewal based on acceptable performance. They would be paid a monthly gross pay of Ksh225,000 – Ksh360,000.
Six law clerks are to be hired on a three-year renewable contract with a gross remuneration of between Ksh180,000 to Ksh324,000 per month.
JSC is also looking for 500 permanent Court Assistants with a monthly gross remuneration of Ksh61,400 to Ksh79,300. They will be eligible for a pension as well.
There are also 30 permanent and pensionable driver roles available, with monthly gross salaries ranging from Ksh61,400 to Ksh79,300. They will be eligible for a pension as well.
The JSC offered a Risk Management Officer position, with the holder entering as a permanent and pensionable staffer with a gross pay ranging from Ksh104,300 to Ksh131,100.
A Senior Architect position with a monthly salary of Ksh169,800 – Ksh227,600 was also advertised. The post will be permanent and will be eligible for a retirement benefit.
The JSC is also looking to hire a Senior Civil/Structural Engineer on a permanent and pensionable basis, with a monthly pay of Kshs169,800 – Ksh227,600.
JSC is looking to fill a permanent and pensionable job of a Senior Mechanical Engineer with a gross salary of Kshs169,800 – Ksh227,600.
The job of Senior Electrical Engineer has also been declared vacant, with the holder being hired on a permanent and pensionable basis with a monthly gross remuneration of Kshs169,800 – Ksh227,600.

JSC also announced four permanent and pensionable Senior Quality Surveyor posts, with gross salaries ranging from Ksh169,800 to Ksh227,600.
A total of four permanent and pensionable Superintendent of Works positions were also advertised. The wage range for this post is between Kshs94,400 and Ksh118,900. A Senior Draughtsman will earn between Ksh83,300 and Ksh106,400 per month for one position.
The JSC also posted ten vacancies for Chargehands. This is a full-time, permanent position with a salary range of Ksh73,000 to Ksh93,900.
Interested and qualified individuals should go to the JSC careers portal for complete job descriptions, appointment requirements, and application instructions.