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Three form four Students caught with Mwakenya during the KCSE exam

A Form Four student from Moi Kapcherop Girls’ Secondary School in Elgeyo-Marakwet County was arrested along with three other students for alleged exam cheating.
On Monday, April 12, the vexed learner attempted to attack a police officer who caught her with short answer notes (mwakenya) during the CRE Paper 2 KCSE examination.

“The student’s deplorable behaviour compelled the security officer to summon reinforcement,” a cop familiar with the incident told a journalist on the condition of anonymity.
Along with the students, the school’s principal, exam supervisor, and invigilators were arrested for an alleged plot to aid exam cheating.

A subsequent mass investigation in the dormitories turned up several mobile phones, ‘mwakenya’ notes, and other exam malpractice materials.

Dr Omar Ahmed, the Elgeyo-Marakwet County Commissioner, stated that the arrested candidate would write their remaining exam papers under police supervision.