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Structure of County government in Kenya

Structure of County government in Kenya

The 2010 Constitution established two levels of government: a national government and a county government.

Kenya’s county government structure serves as an anchor for the counties. This power and service delegation defines who is in charge of the county government’s administrative, policy, and other functions.

 Structure Of The County Government In Kenya

The county government is divided into three arms.

1. The County Executive

2. The Legislature (County Assembly)

3. The Public Service (County Public Service Board).

The County Executive

The county governor and deputy county governor; and members who the county governor chooses from among those who are not members of the assembly, with the approval of the county assembly.

When the county governor is absent or incapacitated, the deputy county governor should assume control of the county.

While performing their work and exercising their powers, members of a county executive committee are accountable to the county governor.

Other Members of the county executive include:

County Secretary– Secretary to the County Executive Committee. 

County Chief Officer – who is accountable for the administration of a county department to a member of the county executive committee.

The Legislature (County Assembly)

The county assembly serves as the legislative body of Kenya’s county government. A county assembly is made up of the following people:

1. Elected ward representative is popularly known as MCAs

2. The county Speaker, Deputy speaker

3. Special seat members: Nominated MCAs.

4. Marginalised groups: Youths, persons with disability.

5. Clerk of the county assembly 

The Public Service

The County Public Service Board is in charge of county government services and staff employment. The County Secretary is in charge of the county service board.

The County Governments Act, Part VII, contains detailed information on the county public service as a component of Kenya’s county government structure.

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