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Nyamira MCA’s fight turns the County assembly into a Boxing ring

On Tuesday morning, the Nyamira County Assembly was transformed into a boxing match as MCAs exchanged blows and kicks after yet another disagreement over House business.
The introduction of the new name in the Committee of Appointments report was the source of conflict.

Governor Amos Nyaribo previously reported four names, with the promise that the fifth nominee would be revealed later.
The committee, on the other hand, had decided on all five names, with the fifth nominee scheduled for later vetting.

The governor changed the name of the fifth nominee on Tuesday, April 13, catching the MCAs as opposed to the new entrant off guard.

The brawl began shortly after the House convened for business, but some MCAs began yelling after Speaker Moffat Teya read out the order paper.
Some members assigned to the public gallery climbed over the barrier dividing the gallery and chambers and went on the House floor to seize the mace.
The orderlies of the Serjeant-at-Arms had a difficult time shielding the Speaker as he was guarded away to safety, with angry MCAs wanting to encounter him.

The House became more tense as other MCAs began shouting and blowing whistles.
The uproar was the result of several unresolved MCA complaints.
This is the fourth incident in a row in which the House appears to be uncontrollable.
While speaking to journalists in his office, Speaker Teya stated that the chaos was caused by MCAs who disagreed.
“MCAs are politicians who represent their constituents. When they disagree, it means they are speaking for their people. Allow them to express themselves while we seek a middle ground “He stated.