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Nyamira County employees earned Sh2b irregularly in Illegal Job Promotion

In an alleged irregular job promotions fraud, 1,160 Nyamira County employees who were demoted last week may have received more than Sh2 billion.

Workers were supported in navigating from lower to higher job groups, according to the claimed unlawful job promotions, which were uncovered a week ago.
According to the report, 160 of the 1,160 employees moved up more than three job categories between 2016 and 2021, which is contrary to the expected increase of government employees.
All 160 workers were promoted from Job Group H, where they could earn up to Sh24,000, to Job Group M, where they could earn up to Sh56,000.
This means that the impacted employees could have earned up to Sh1.9 million over the course of five years, which they never deserved.

Other employees are said to have quickly advanced to job groups P, Q, or S without following the procedures outlined in the Public Service Practice and Management Manual 2016.

The 160 employees might have received a total of Sh307 million if the figures were averaged.
In other situations, a total of 350 lower cadre personnel progressed through the ranks from Job Groups A, C, and D, where they earned a maximum of Sh11,000, to Job Group H, where they would earn a maximum of Sh24,000.

This means that over the course of five years, the workers allegedly collected Sh273 million.
As a result of the illicit frauds, the county could have lost up to Sh3 billion.

Some workers faked claims of salary arrears after climbing to various higher grades before being demoted to lower cadres as part of the illegal promotions.

According to Governor Amos Nyaribo, the Sh3 billion represents three years’ worth of development votes for the county.

“The money the employees earned on the side is equal to the money the county will need to conduct development in three years.

“However, we do not consider it a loss at this time because we are in the process of recovering,” the governor explained.

According to the shocking findings, one of the afflicted individuals advanced from Job Group H to K in less than a year, bypassing the customary promotion phases.

Another individual is said to have advanced from Job Group M to R after only three years on the job.

A junior employee who was recruited at Job Group D is now serving in Job Group K after fewer than four years of service, in what is known as fast promotion.

Nyaribo vowed to perform a comprehensive clean-up of county systems to get rid of ghost workers and tidy up the county payroll when he took office around nine months ago.


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