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Local banks to stop accepting Barclays cheques, Here is why

Banks in Kenya will, effective February 1, stop accepting Barclays cheques.

It’s almost a year after the name changed to Absa, last year on February 10.

Ever since Absa Kenya has asked clients to replace them with Barclays cheques in what will be one of the last changes to the new brand.

“Please be aware that Barclays cheques will no longer be accepted by other banks effective 01.02.2021. Kindly plan replace your Barclays cheque book with an Absa cheque book to avoid any problems,” the bank told its clients.

The Transition

Previously known as Barclays Bank of Kenya, the switch of the name last year marked a new period for the bank that has been operating for nearly 104 years in Kenya.
Barclays Life Assurance Kenya Limited also moved to Absa Life Assurance Kenya Limited effective February 10, 2020, after securing regulatory approvals.
The account information of consumers remained the same, however, with branches continuing to function as normal.

However, the issuer began a card change to the Absa brand with Barclays’ cards staying in operation until their expiry date.

Over the years, the bank has invested in key sectors of the national economy’s growth, including small and medium-sized enterprises, agriculture, trade, agricultural development and transportation.

During the transformation, The Bank Managing Director Jeremy Awori said, “We shall continue to play a key role by investing in these fields while offering comprehensive financial services to individuals, smaller businesses and large organizations alike.”