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List of registered Saccos in Kenya

List of registered Saccos in Kenya

There are several registered Saccos in Kenya today, but how do you know which ones are legit? This list of the top 10 registered SACCOs in Kenya will give you an idea of which ones to go with based on how well they serve their members and the various services they offer.

What is a Sacco?

A savings and credit cooperative (Sacco) is a form of financial institution that seeks to serve low-income individuals who are marginalized from other sources of formal financing. Saccos are formed through local saving groups, which contribute regular amounts into a common pool of capital. This is then lent out for community development purposes—usually of zero interest to members.

Kenya Police SACCO

Kenya Police Sacco was established on November 20, 1972, and a registration certificate was granted. The Society’s membership has grown to 40,101 members today. The SACCO’s Board of Directors is made up of 9 elected members, while the Supervisory Committee is made up of three members.

The primary purpose of the SACCO is to raise funds for welfare purposes of employees and their families, among other purposes


Stima Sacco is a licensed Deposit Taking Sacco that was founded in 1974 with the sole purpose of improving the social and economic well-being of its members. In April 2003, Sacco introduced the Front Office Service Activity (FOSA) to provide financial services to its members in response to their banking demands.

The Stima Sacco offers members loans at lower interest rates, savings accounts with interest and chequebook facilities, as well as mobile banking services. The aim is to provide better access to financial services for all people including youths, women and others who do not have access to formal financial institutions.

Unaitas Sacco 

UNAITAS was incorporated on January 15, 2006, under The Societies Act, Laws of Kenya. UNAITAS started operations on 1st February 2006 and is licensed by The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to operate as a Savings & Credit Co-operative Society.

Murang’a Tea growers banded together, pooling their resources with the sole purpose of forming a financial basket, saving, and extending low-interest loans to one another. They had no clue the organization would inspire so many people.

Hazina SACCO

The organization’s goal is to use its income from loan repayments to create more businesses for people living within its community, which will increase employment opportunities and raise the income levels of area residents. Today, it continues to extend business loans to small-scale entrepreneurs at competitive interest rates. To date, Hazina SACCO has helped many individual entrepreneurs achieve their entrepreneurial dreams through its unique program of action.

Harambee Sacco

Founded by President Jomo Kenyatta in 1970. It is also known as Koech Sacco. Harambee means all pull together in Swahili, and that’s what members do: They come together to support one another and help each other out financially through times of need. Some insurance benefits are also available for a small monthly fee.

Today, Harambee Sacco is a multi-billion shilling institution with thousands of members and a country-wide network that few other financial institutions can match.

Imarika Sacco

Founded in 1974, Imarika Sacco has grown to become one of Kenya’s leading microfinance institutions. With over 760,000 members and assets over Kshs. 24 billion (EUR 209 million) , Imarika Sacco is committed to improving the livelihood of marginalized women from low-income families in all regions of Kenya by offering them access to finance and education.

The SACCO now has around 38,000 active members and has five branches in Malindi, Mtwapa, Kaloleni, Garsen, and Ukunda, as well as a service facility in Bamba, Ganze District.

 Kuscco Sacco

Kenya’s umbrella organization for Saccos is the Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (Kuscco). It was founded on September 27, 1973, to promote a level playing field for Saccos, as well as the provision of high-quality, varied, creative, and market-driven financial and technical services.

The Sacco has over 700,000 individual investors with over KES 55 billion assets under management. A unique characteristic of Kuscco is its strong focus on women; they have more than 70% of their savers being women.

Mwalimu Sacco

Mwalimu Sacco was established and registered as a SACCO Society in 1974 under the Co-operative Societies Act, with the primary goal of mobilizing funds and providing credit to its members.

Members of Mwalimu Sacco can apply for a loan from as little as Ksh. 3,000 up to Ksh. 2 million. These loans are easy and fast to get if you are an active member and trustworthy of getting one.

Chai Sacco

Chai Sacco was established in 1973 to provide financial services to KTDA employees at both the factories and the headquarters.

Chai Sacco is one of the most successful and recognizable microfinance institutions (MFIs) to date. Chai currently operates out of ten branches spread across western Kenya, employing over 200 staff members to provide financial services including a loan portfolio reaching over 2 million KES.

Kenya Bankers Sacco

Kenya Bankers Sacco was founded on February 14, 1975. The basic function of the organization is to mobilize money from its members, from which loans are granted at low-interest rates. Banks, non-bank financial institutions, building societies, and other money-related institutions are among its members.

The Sacco involves itself in many financial activities geared towards improving banking skills among its target populations.

Other Registered SACCOs

  • 2NK Sacco Society
  • Acumen Sacco Society Ltd
  • Agro-Chem Sacco Society Ltd
  • Good hope sacco society Ltd
  • Amica Sacco Society Ltd
  • Imenti Sacco society Ltd
  • Bandari Sacco Society Ltd
  • Dumisha Sacco Society Ltd
  • Home Business Sacco Society Ltd
  • Jitegemee Sacco Society Ltd
  • Kenversity Sacco Society Ltd
  • Kenya National Police DT Sacco Society Ltd
  • Kitui Teachers Sac- co Society Ltd
  • Mombasa Port Sacco Society Ltd
  • Nyambene Arimi Sacco Society Ltd
  • Nyala Vision Sacco Society Ltd
  • Safaricom Sacco Society Ltd
  • Sotico Sacco Society Ltd

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