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Kenneth Lusaka

Kenneth Lusaka’s Mistress wants Ksh25 million child support

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka’s Mpango wa Kando wants him to pay Sh25 million for the upkeep of their unborn kid. The lady claims she has been in a three-year relationship with the Speaker, which resulted in her current pregnancy. She wants the court to order Lusaka to pay Sh200,000 monthly maintenance for their unborn child’s direct and indirect needs. “Pending the hearing and determination of this petition, the respondent is hereby ordered to support the unborn child by making a lump sum payment of Ksh 25,000,000 or any other reasonable amount in the circumstances that should meet the direct and/or indirect needs of their unborn child and after its birth,” according to the petition. the lady wants the court to compel Lusaka to accept and take responsibility for their child through her lawyer, Danstan Omari. Justice James Makau declared the case urgent on Monday and ordered the petition to be served on Lusaka. According to Omari, his client and Lusaka had been having an intimate relationship since 2018 until about two months ago, when they fell out after she revealed to him that she had conceived as a result of their relationship. When he insisted on terminating the pregnancy, the woman claims they had a falling out. She’s also ready for DNA tests to eliminate any doubts about the baby’s paternity. Despite his wealth, Lusaka has denied, disregarded, and ignored her prenatal clinics, which are important to safeguard the child’s well-being, according to court filings. IM alleges this is in the hopes of worrying her out and causing their unborn child to miscarry. Omari claims that his client has been suffering from pregnancy complications that, if left untreated, could result in the death of their unborn child, largely due to her inability to afford the hospitals that provide expectant mothers with the highest level of health care commensurate with the Senate Speaker’s class and stature. She also wants the court to require Lusaka to involve her in his medical plan in order to protect the unborn child’s welfare. “Lusaka’s defiance and brazen refusal to accept responsibility and assist the applicant in gaining access to esteemed hospitals capable of providing her with the highest standard of pre-natal care endangers the life of their unborn child and thus is in clear violation of the constitutional safeguards of life, which begin at conception,” court documents stated.

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