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Betty Barasa

Gangsters shot dead KBC editor Betty Barasa at her Ngong home

On Wednesday night, a KBC journalist was shot dead in her Ngong home during a robbery.
Betty Barasa, a video editor for a national broadcaster, was shot at the Ololua area of Ngong.
Witnesses said Barasa arrived at her home around 8.20 p.m. when a gang waiting at the gate forced their way into the compound as the gate was opened.
On Wednesday, she was on duty and had left the broadcast house in the city centre for her new home, where she hoped to join her husband and three children. She had only recently moved in.
Three men, according to her family, had been waiting for her to arrive. They were armed with AK47 rifles, two of them.
She drove up to the gate, and the house-help rushed over to open it.
As she drove in, the three forced their way in, causing the house help to flee into the darkness while yelling that there were strangers in the compound.
This did not deter them from completing their mission.
The gang, according to the family, followed Betty up to where she parked and instructed her out at gunpoint, leading her into the house.
Her husband and children were terrified after hearing the screams of the housekeepers and the arrival of the strangers.
According to witnesses, one of the gunmen demanded money from Betty and ordered her to take him to the upstairs bedroom.
Two others remained in the sitting room with the rest of the family.
The gunmen harassed them and demanded money and other valuables.
The husband and children pleaded with the gang to spare them and take whatever they desired.
They also heard two gunshots during the argument.
Betty had been shot twice in the head at close range by the gunman who had taken her to the upper rooms.
Her clothes contained a spent cartridge.
Following the shooting, the gang took the journalist’s laptop and mobile phone and fled.