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Bottled water companies in Kenya

Bottled water companies in Kenya

The commercial bottled water industry in Kenya has grown significantly in the past two decades, and continues to grow, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. The bottled water industry in Kenya is an estimated 30 million litres of bottled water are sold every year in the country

The bottled water industry is currently thriving in Kenya, and many Kenyan companies are using this opportunity to the fullest.

Company Name

Brand Name


Keringet Pure Natural Mineral Water Keringet Located on Corner of Enterprise Road, Nairobi.
Alpine Coolers Alpine +254 20 534365
Highlands Mineral Water Highlands Ihuru road

+254 612032296

Glacier Spring Limited Glacier +254722 794 519

Location Tigoni

Sigona Enterprise Limited Sigona waters +254722875050
Sparkle clear limited Sparkle 0721356784 location

Thika town

Crystal bottle Krystal Purified +254717780611

Location Kisumu

Broomhill Springs Water Broomhill Springs Located on Mpaka House –Nairobi

+254 204444058

Nyambene Mineral Drinking WATER


Nyambene mineral water Location Meru


Aberdares Water Ltd Aberdares water Located Lokitaung Road – Nairobi

+254 572500050


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