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24-year-old Man chops off grandmother’s head, claims to end her suffering

A 24-year-old man stunned police officers at the Kisumu Central Police Station on Monday when he arrived with the head of his 70-year-old grandmother.
At around 3 p.m., the young man walked casually to the police station, with the granny’s head in the bucket.
Officers stationed at the station initially assumed he was there to see a relative being held there or to file a report.
They were surprised, however, when the man asked the officers to check what he was carrying inside the bucket.
The suspect was immediately taken into custody at the station.
Later, he led the officers, who were led by the OCS central police station, to a tin-roofed semi-permanent house shared by the old lady on the sprawling Nyalenda Kilo estate.
According to a neighbour who spoke to the journalist on the condition of anonymity, the man had been living at the estate with her grandmother for several years.
“His parents are said to have died, and his grandmother took him in,” said a neighbour.
The police have yet to determine what caused the bizarre incident that shook the entire estate.
According to a police officer who arrived at the scene to retrieve the grandmother’s remains, the suspect told them that he killed her to end her suffering.