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Kachok dumpsite

Kisumu County Government to relocate the infamous Kachok dumpsite

Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s administration is nearing completion on designs for a replacement dumpsite for the infamous Kachok dumpsite.

Prof Nyong’o claims that the new waste management facility in Muhoroni is 60% complete and will end the county’s decades-long rubbish crisis.
The authorities have found it difficult to decommission the Kachok dumpsite since rubbish continues to pile up despite their efforts.

Residents have had to put up with the dumpsite’s stifling odour for years. There has also been a lot of insecurity around the dumpsite.
The dumpsite has been at the centre of controversy, with politicians and residents opposing the relocation fighting the county government in court.
The governor stated over the weekend that the relocation process is on track.
“We’re 60% done now that the roads are finished and the land is gated. “All that is left now is to build the plant that will convert the garbage into energy,” Nyong’o remarked.

Locals will benefit from the construction of a facility that converts garbage to electricity, according to the governor.
The governor stated, “On the new location, an Environmental Impact Assessment was completed, and work is moving smoothly.”
Nyong’o made the dumpsite relocation a priority in his county plan when he took office in 2017, and he partially relocated the dumpsite and turned the space into a botanical park.
According to county officials, Kisumu generates roughly 300 tonnes of rubbish per day, with the majority of that waste ending up at the Kachok dumpsite.

Nyong’o’s political ambitions would be boosted significantly if the dumpsite was relocated. It will reduce the health risks that traders at a new market near the Kachok dumpsite are exposed to.